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Chapter One

Track Order

1. Blood.

2. Singing Over Us.

3. The Father’s Love.

4. As Our Love Rises.

5. Now Glorious.

EP Credits

The EP was produced by Ben Cantelon, mixed by Sam Gibson and mastered by Christian Wright.

The EP would not have been possible without huge support from all at KXC and the following individuals worthy of extra thanks: Pete & Bee Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Henry Marsden, Sam Gibson, Stephen William, Jolyon Barker, Nick Herbert, Jon Foster, Daniel Peterson, Rich Spens, Chris Lawson Jones & Robin Ferris.

Special thanks to Benjamin Bowen for the artwork design and Karis Mackenzie for the photography.


The following musicians performed on the EP:

Lead vocals:  Tom Eccleshall, Karen Gillespie & Rich di Castiglione.
Backing vocals:  Karen Gillespie.
Drums:  Neil Gillespie.
Bass:  John Kyle & Henry Marsden.
Electric Guitar:  Steve Evans & Mark Smith.
Cello:  Lucy Clasper.
Keys and programming:  Ben Cantelon.
Acoustic guitars:  Tom Eccleshall & Rich di Castiglione.
Group vocals:  Esther Alexander, Clare Wheeler, Oli Griffiths, Cassie Woodard, Lydia di Castiglione, Josh Jefferies, Ewan Eason, Gav Dwight, Steve Coulson and Lissie Link.


You can download the CD artwork by clicking here.

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