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Tom Eccleshall

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“I’m Tom, I’m married to Sarah and I oversee the worship at KXC. I have been at KXC since it started in 2010.

I am passionate about how worship can change peoples lives, and I love seeing that, first hand, at KXC. I also really love writing new songs. God is infinitely big, so there’s infinite things to write about! Additionally, the English language is always adapting and evolving, so it means there’s always new ways to describe God. With the songs that I write, I try to write songs on a topic that isn’t really sung about much at our church or a theme that I feel God is calling us towards. I always try to write songs that are honest and reflect whatever God is doing in my life personally and what I can see Him doing at our church. I find the songs that come out of a fresh revelation and encounter are always the most original and the ones which people connect with.

I have loved being involved in Chapters One & Two working with the wonderful team here at KXC and I believe God will use them for amazing things in the future.”

Some of the songs which Tom has been involved with writing are: ‘Love Song (Before You Formed The Earth)’, ‘Singing Over Us’, ‘Now Glorious’, ‘Sing It Out (He’s Alive)’ and ‘The Father’s Love’.


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