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Our vision at KXC is to serve God’s purpose to make all things new, by recklessly giving ourselves away to God (in worship), each other (in community) and the people of King’s Cross and beyond (in mission). Worship is our first and highest priority, central to who we are as a church, and everything we do.

Since the birth of our church in 2010, the worship team have been writing songs that capture what we’ve been learning about God, and what he’s been doing in us. On 5th January 2014, we released an EP called ‘Chapter One: The Father’s Love’ in the hope that these songs that came out of our story might be a gift to the wider church. On 24th January 2016 we released our second EP ‘Chapter Two: Flux’. Both EP’s are now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Our worship leaders include Tom Eccleshall, Karen Gillespie, Rich Di Castiglione & Esther Alexander. We hope this page explains a little bit about us and what our passions are.

Tom Eccleshall.

KXC - TOMsmall

“I’m Tom Eccleshall, I’m married to Sarah and I oversee the worship at KXC, and have been at KXC since it started in 2010, having been on staff at St Mary’s  Bryanstan Square (the church which KXC was planted from).

I am passionate about how worship can change peoples lives, and I love seeing that, first hand, at KXC. I also really love writing songs. God is infinitely big, so there’s infinite things to write about! Because the English language is always adapting and evolving, then that means there’s always new ways to describe God. With the songs that I write, I am always aiming to make a song about a topic that isn’t really sung about at church much and songs that are honest. Because then it feels like I’m not just writing a song for the sake of writing a song, but that it carries truths of God and I’m just trying to share that truth in our sung worship times at church, by writing the best music that I can to support it.

I have loved being involved in Chapters One & Two and can’t wait for what the future holds”

Karen Gillespie


“My name is Karen, I’m married to Neil and I lead worship at KXC. I’ve been at KXC since the beginning and have loved watching our heart for worship grow and evolve as a church family. It is such an honour to come before our Father and worship Him and I am so blessed that I get to do it here at KXC, amongst many great friends and talented musicians, pursuing God’s presence and His heart together.

I absolutely love singing and am really passionate about seeing the prophetic and spontaneous move in worship by responding to what the Spirit is doing and saying in a specific moment. Although chaotic at times it’s what gets me most excited and desperate to see more of God and His Kingdom come. I am so amazed and overcome by God’s love for us and adore seeing people being released and set free in who they are as they fix their eyes on Him in worship. I get so excited seeing the Spirit move as joy is released, chains come undone, healing breaks out and lives are restored as people encounter a Living and powerful God who is FOR us.

I was so privileged to be part of our KXC’s EP’s as a writer and vocalist. We had so much fun writing and recording these songs and our prayer is that they bless you and your community taking you further into your story with Him as they have for us. Can’t wait for Chapter TWO!”

Rich di Castiglione. 


“My name is Rich, I’m blissfully married to Lydia – I first joined the church back in 2010 as a student just up the road at SOAS and feel so blessed to be able to call KXC home.

I first felt called to lead worship at the age of 12 (!) and have had the honour of doing so in various ways ever since then. There is hardly anything in the world that I enjoy doing more – not only is there the unspeakable joy of encounter with God, the humbling privilege of leading others but also the fact that you get to play music with your mates in a family environment where it’s totally ok to make mistakes!

I co-wrote (with Lucy Grimble) and recorded ‘As Our Love Rises’ on Chapter One. For us it is a special song as it was birthed in a moment of encounter with God alongside some other worship leaders who also happen to be some of our favourite people in the world!

We love to go a bit wild in worship as we have increasingly learnt that we can never out-do God in the way that we recklessly express our affections!! We also love pursuing spontaneous moments in worship where the momentum of established songs propels us into new expressions of praise and the words we sing out flow from the very depths of our being.”


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