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Pentecost: Fast

May 01 @ 8:00am – May 20 @ 4:00pm

As part of the build up to Pentecost we’d love for everyone to take part in a 20 day fast.

The heart behind fasting is that we set apart a period of time when we purposefully disrupt our everyday rhythms to realign our heart with God’s heart. As we do this, we fix our hearts and minds on God, seek his presence and purposes in prayer, and centre ourselves on him.

The act of fasting is an act of disruption. Whether it’s going without food, or Netflix, giving up alcohol, social media, or anything else, it’s the choice to disrupt the normal in such a way that it wakes us up and brings our focus back to God. When we fast we interrupt our everyday patterns of life and choose to fix our eyes on God, becoming more aware of our dependency upon him.

The Bible has lots to say about fasting and we see this discipline modelled throughout Scripture. Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, entering the desert to pray and align his heart with the heart of the Father before he launched into his ministry. Although there are different types of fasts talked about throughout Scripture, the primary purpose behind them is always to fix our hearts on God.

In the run up to Pentecost, we want to set aside 20 days of fasting as a church, seeking his presence in our lives and asking for his Kingdom to break out in this city.

Before the panic starts to rise, it isn’t a 20 day fast from all food! There’s three different types of fasts that you can choose from:


The fast will start on the 1st May and we’ll break the fast at Sunday lunchtime on the 20th May. Some people may want to do these fasts simultaneously. For others, it wouldn’t be best to fast from food for a variety of reasons, and so doing either the social media fast or the partial fast would be the one to go for. The important thing is not the thing that we are fasting from, but the purpose of why we’re fasting – to seek God, to centre ourselves on him, and to consecrate ourselves as we ask him for a fresh outpouring of his Spirit.

We’d love for this to be something we do altogehter as a community at KXC, so please do click on the link below to sign up and get some more information.


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