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Every Sunday at 10:30am, 4:30pm and 6:30pm

Hubs are small groups of people who meet mid-week across the city to help each other live in and live out the story of Jesus.

Hubs play a crucial role in our wider vision of discipleship at KXC. As smaller mid-week groups, they are perfectly placed to form community, build friendships and have fun whilst learning together to practice doing the things Jesus did. They are at the heart of how we can practically live out our desire as a church to be compassionate, courageous and creative. Compassionate in how we seek to love the people of this city; courageous as we step out of our comfort zones and give things a try; and creative as we use the gifts and passions God has given us imaginatively.


 There are three types of Hubs you can get involved in:

The aim is to form community in and bring life to a specific area of this city – perhaps the neighbourhood you live in or work in. We believe that where God has placed us geographically is important and so we want to seek to bring renewal in those areas. Week to week Village Hubs will typically include a mixture of shared meals, reading the Bible, praying together and then coming up with ways to be imaginative in practically loving a particular part of the city.

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The aim is to form community and be missional around a shared interest. It might be a hobby (sport, art, or anything you love doing); a passion of yours (like caring for the elderly, supporting prisoners or global development issues); or it might be that you want to connect with others who work in a similar field to you in order to pray for and bless your industry. We hope activity Hubs will be as diverse and creative as the people in our church.

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At different times we need to invest specifically in an area of our life: that might be our finances, a marriage or how we approach our work. Course Hubs are designed to provide a space for people to do just that.

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