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Every Sunday at 10:30am, 4:30pm and 6:30pm


A church in the heart of London seeking to recklessly give itself away to God, each other and the people of
King’s Cross and beyond.


KXC’s vision is centred around ‘giving ourselves away’: giving the best of what we have as a Church and as individuals (in terms of time, energy and resources) to seeing King’s Cross, our workplaces, our universities, our homes and our local neighbourhoods becoming all that God created and intended them to be.

We believe this ‘giving ourselves away’ takes place in three main ways:

1. Giving ourselves away to God in worship

Firstly, we seek to develop a worshipping community that encourages people to orientate their lives around God and the cause of his kingdom. We believe that worship is where we become more like Jesus, and in becoming more like the one we worship, we are then equipped to love and serve the world as He did. We want worship to be our highest priority, and the fuel that sustains our mission.

2. Giving ourselves away to each other in community

Secondly, we seek to build a community where many different worlds collide: students, working professionals, the unemployed, the wealthy, the poor, the homeless, families, singles, the young and the old. A community where everyone feels a sense of belonging, where genuine friendships are developed and where people share in the highs and lows of life. In a culture where many people are independent, isolated and lonely, we long to see people finding a true sense of family and home.

3. Giving ourselves away to others in mission

Finally, we seek to build a church that loves the local community of which it is a part, generously giving itself away in mission. With the great diversity that belongs to Kings Cross, this will involve finding creative and imaginative ways of communicating the message of Jesus and effectively engaging in the worlds of business, the arts, politics and education. However, the mission will equally consist of engaging with the issues of poverty in the area. Following the model of Jesus, we seek to enter into the pain that exists within the community and stand with those who are suffering. We therefore believe that a key part of the ministry of KXC will involve listening to and working with the local community to help identify and address some of the key drivers of poverty that exist in the area.

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