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At KXC we believe vision and values go hand-in-hand. Vision determines the direction and destination of the church, and the values determine the culture.


We seek to be intentional about our values in the hope that we can build a culture that serves the vision of the church to recklessly give itself away to God, each other and the people of King’s Cross and beyond.

We have three core values. We aim to be:

Shaped by the past (valuing the centrality of Scripture)

We believe that we are part of a story. This story, as outlined in both the Old and New Testaments, is the story of God’s engagement with the world he loves. The centrepiece and climax of this story is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and the subsequent outpouring of his Spirit. It is through these events that this story becomes our story, and as we are drafted in, we participate in moving the story forward towards its completion and fulfilment when Christ returns. We therefore seek to be shaped by this story in all that we do, finding our ultimate belonging, purpose and hope there and nowhere else.

Living in the moment (pursuing authenticity and adventure)

Whilst we seek to be shaped by the past, we also seek to live in the moment, enjoying and embracing all that life throws our way. We believe that Jesus offers fullness of life even in the midst of pain, challenges and suffering. We seek to be present to each of these moments, celebrating with those who celebrate and mourning with those who mourn. We therefore value authenticity. Rather than faking wholeness or fullness, we’d rather acknowledge our brokenness and pain, and join others in a journey towards healing. We equally value adventure, in the knowledge that too much comfort erodes faith. We therefore encourage people to step outside their comfort zones as they engage in mission, believing that faith in God is the key ingredient in kingdom growth. Holding together these pursuits of authenticity and adventure, we aim to become a church that is ‘safe enough for people to heal whilst being dangerous enough for people to grow’. We want to prioritise both. Therefore, our hope is to grow into a community that pursues healing and reckless kingdom living in equal measure.

Building towards the future (sharing in the ministry of Jesus by the power of the Spirit)

Finally, we are driven by Jesus’ mission to extend God’s kingdom in the world. We believe that in heaven we will be free from pain, addictions, sickness, poverty and injustice, and therefore seek to pray and build towards God’s will being done in King’s Cross, our workplaces, our homes and our universities, as it is in heaven. Though we believe the full arrival of God’s kingdom awaits Christ’s return, we equally believe that we should expect to experience foretastes of that kingdom here and now in and through the church. Therefore, in obedience to the teachings of Jesus and through the empowering presence of the Spirit, we invest ourselves in building towards that future.

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