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At KXC, along with most orthodox Christian groups, we affirm the first three creeds of the early Church. These creeds are short statements by the early church that summarise the core beliefs of the Christian faith. These are the Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, and Athanasian Creed. However, rather than adding other loaded labels to describe the tradition we belong to, we aim to centre ourselves around two theological foundations. We hope to learn and remain open to various traditions whilst remaining true to these two central foundations:

Kingdom theology

We believe that Jesus’ primary message was the announcement of the arrival of the kingdom of God. His teaching was about the kingdom, his parables revealed the ways of the kingdom and his miracles were a demonstration of the kingdom. In his ministry the kingdom was advanced as the sick were healed, the oppressed were set free and the good news was preached to the poor (all in fulfilment of the prophecy of Isaiah 61).

He then trained his disciples to participate in the work of extending his kingdom in the world, and through the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost the church at large was commissioned and empowered for the same purpose. We therefore believe that the primary ministry of the church is to usher in God’s kingdom in the world by preaching good news to the poor, praying for the sick, binding up the broken hearted, setting the captives free (those held captive by addictions and poverty) and bringing justice to the world. In doing so, we bring the rule of heaven to earth and experience a foretaste of the future that is to come.

Narrative theology

We believe that we belong to the story of God’s engagement with the world as revealed in the bible. We therefore aim to immerse ourselves in that narrative, finding our ultimate belonging, purpose and hope there and nowhere else. The below video unpacks this a bit more and articulates what being part of this unfolding story looks like for us as a church as we journey with God on his mission to make all things new:


The story starts in Genesis 1 with the CREATION of the world, and in particular, the creation of humanity as God’s image bearers in the world, made to live in relationship with God and with the purpose of representing God to the world and extending his blessing to creation. However, in Genesis 3 we read that creation CRACKS. The failure of humanity to live in the light of their identity and calling results in sin and brokeness entering the story. Creation order begins to unravel, and rather than God’s blessing filling the earth, Genesis 6:11 states that violence began to fill the earth.

The narrative therefore swiftly moves from creation (Genesis 1-2) to decreation (Genesis 3-11). From Genesis 12 onwards, the biblical narrative addresses God’s vision for recreation: putting right what went wrong in Genesis 3. Starting with Abraham, God chooses a people (the nation of Israel), and in entering into a COVENANT relationship with them, invites them not only to be recipients of his healing, love and redemption, but also to become agents of it. In other words, Israel is blessed in order to be a blessing and to fulfil the call placed upon humanity at the very beginning to extend God’s blessing to the nations. However, Israel (like Adam and Eve) turn their back on God, and rather than becoming agents of God’s recreation purposes, become once more agents of decreation. Like Adam and Eve, they need rescuing, which God does by taking on human flesh in the person of Jesus CHRIST. His life, death, resurrection and the outpouring of his Spirit are the vehicles through which healing, redemption and restoration begin to flow. He is the one true image-bearer that shows us what it really means to be human, and he is the means by which we rediscover that true identity for ourselves.

He is the one that gives us new life, drafts us into a new family, the CHURCH, and recommissions us to take his message of redemption and blessing to the corners of the globe so that creation can once more be filled with his presence and blessing rather than violence. Jesus is the source of hope as we live for him and await his return, and with it the CONSUMMATION of all God’s purposes for the world he so loves. This is the story that defines life at KXC. We seek to tell it, celebrate it, live in it, and cherish it.

(These 6 headings that summarise the biblical metanarrative have been borrowed from Scot McKnight’s book ‘The King Jesus Gospel’).

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