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A church in the heart of London seeking to recklessly give itself away to God, each other and the people of King’s Cross and beyond.

Job Opportunities

KXC Coordinator

Kings Cross Church (KXC) is a growing Anglican church in central London, with a vision to serve God’s purpose to make all things new. The church was started in 2010 by Pete and Bee Hughes, and in that time has grown to a congregation of around 600 people.

We are now seeking to enhance the KXC’s operations team through the recruitment of a skilled administrator and coordinator who will provide support across different areas of church life. The role will involve office management, purchasing and procurement, events organisation, facilities management and supporting communications across the church.

For further job information please see the ‘Job Description‘ attached.

To apply for the role, please send a covering letter and up-to-date CV (giving addresses of two referees – one personal, one professional) via email to:

Deadline for applications: 12:00 noon. Monday 2nd July.

Interviews: July 2018

Please note that this role has an Occupational Requirement to be a Christian, as permitted under Schedule 9, Part 1, of the Equality Act 2010. We also ask that the successful candidate, if not already, attends KXC.


KXC was planted out of St Mary’s Bryanston Square on the 14th February 2010. Commissioned by the Bishop of London, Pete and Bee Hughes were sent out from St Mary’s with a small group of leaders and a simple vision: to recklessly give themselves away to God, each other and the people of King’s Cross and beyond.

Without a permanent place to call home, KXC began renting space for Sunday gatherings from the Lumen United Reform Church, and later from the Ethiopian Church on Pentonville Road, whilst meeting together midweek in homes and pubs, and wherever else we could find space around King’s Cross.

A video celebrating our first year at KXC.

Over time, things have gradually grown: the kids work has developed as parents have been ‘bearing fruit and multiplying’; we’ve welcomed in new students and graduates arriving in London; we’ve welcomed people that had given up on God and church but have since rediscovered faith and community; and we’ve welcomed people who have no faith in Jesus, but just enjoy coming along.

Some of those have since found faith in Jesus, others haven’t, but wherever people have come from, it’s been a privilege to welcome them into the community and to all that God is doing in and through the church.

A video celebrating our second year at KXC.

The journey so far has been a huge amount of fun; we’ve been through lots of changes and challenges since we began, but much remains the same. We still cling to the same vision of seeing God’s kingdom extended in King’s Cross, our workplaces, our homes and our Universities; and we still remain convinced that our only hope of seeing such a vision fulfilled is found in God’s strength rather than our own will-power, giftings or hard work.

In many ways the KXC adventure has been a story of God building his church, as he promised, and being incredibly faithful as we’ve sought to be obedient and keep in step with him.

A video celebrating our third year at KXC.

We’ve seen God move in amazing ways: in other churches generously allowing us to rent their buildings at an affordable rate, local businesses giving us rent-free office space, stories of God providing homes for people to move into the area, and financial provision out of nowhere in times of uncertainty. We’ve seen people come to faith, return to faith and grow in faith.

And whilst we celebrate all of the above, we do so in the firm belief, that whilst Christ remains head of this church, the best at KXC is yet to come.



KXC’s vision is centred around ‘giving ourselves away’: giving the best of what we have as a Church and as individuals (in terms of time, energy and resources) to seeing King’s Cross, our workplaces, our universities, our homes and our local neighbourhoods becoming all that God created and intended them to be.

We believe this ‘giving ourselves away’ takes place in three main ways:

1. Giving ourselves away to God in worship

Firstly, we seek to develop a worshipping community that encourages people to orientate their lives around God and the cause of his kingdom. We believe that worship is where we become more like Jesus, and in becoming more like the one we worship, we are then equipped to love and serve the world as He did. We want worship to be our highest priority, and the fuel that sustains our mission.

2. Giving ourselves away to each other in community

Secondly, we seek to build a community where many different worlds collide: students, working professionals, the unemployed, the wealthy, the poor, the homeless, families, singles, the young and the old. A community where everyone feels a sense of belonging, where genuine friendships are developed and where people share in the highs and lows of life. In a culture where many people are independent, isolated and lonely, we long to see people finding a true sense of family and home.

3. Giving ourselves away to others in mission

Finally, we seek to build a church that loves the local community of which it is a part, generously giving itself away in mission. With the great diversity that belongs to Kings Cross, this will involve finding creative and imaginative ways of communicating the message of Jesus and effectively engaging in the worlds of business, the arts, politics and education. However, the mission will equally consist of engaging with the issues of poverty in the area. Following the model of Jesus, we seek to enter into the pain that exists within the community and stand with those who are suffering. We therefore believe that a key part of the ministry of KXC will involve listening to and working with the local community to help identify and address some of the key drivers of poverty that exist in the area.



We seek to be intentional about our values in the hope that we can build a culture that serves the vision of the church to recklessly give itself away to God, each other and the people of King’s Cross and beyond.

We have three core values. We aim to be:

Shaped by the past (valuing the centrality of Scripture)

We believe that we are part of a story. This story, as outlined in both the Old and New Testaments, is the story of God’s engagement with the world he loves. The centrepiece and climax of this story is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and the subsequent outpouring of his Spirit. It is through these events that this story becomes our story, and as we are drafted in, we participate in moving the story forward towards its completion and fulfilment when Christ returns. We therefore seek to be shaped by this story in all that we do, finding our ultimate belonging, purpose and hope there and nowhere else.

Living in the moment (pursuing authenticity and adventure)

Whilst we seek to be shaped by the past, we also seek to live in the moment, enjoying and embracing all that life throws our way. We believe that Jesus offers fullness of life even in the midst of pain, challenges and suffering. We seek to be present to each of these moments, celebrating with those who celebrate and mourning with those who mourn. We therefore value authenticity. Rather than faking wholeness or fullness, we’d rather acknowledge our brokenness and pain, and join others in a journey towards healing. We equally value adventure, in the knowledge that too much comfort erodes faith. We therefore encourage people to step outside their comfort zones as they engage in mission, believing that faith in God is the key ingredient in kingdom growth. Holding together these pursuits of authenticity and adventure, we aim to become a church that is ‘safe enough for people to heal whilst being dangerous enough for people to grow’. We want to prioritise both. Therefore, our hope is to grow into a community that pursues healing and reckless kingdom living in equal measure.

Building towards the future (sharing in the ministry of Jesus by the power of the Spirit)

Finally, we are driven by Jesus’ mission to extend God’s kingdom in the world. We believe that in heaven we will be free from pain, addictions, sickness, poverty and injustice, and therefore seek to pray and build towards God’s will being done in King’s Cross, our workplaces, our homes and our universities, as it is in heaven. Though we believe the full arrival of God’s kingdom awaits Christ’s return, we equally believe that we should expect to experience foretastes of that kingdom here and now in and through the church. Therefore, in obedience to the teachings of Jesus and through the empowering presence of the Spirit, we invest ourselves in building towards that future.


At KXC, along with most orthodox Christian groups, we affirm the first three creeds of the early Church. These creeds are short statements by the early church that summarise the core beliefs of the Christian faith. These are the Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, and Athanasian Creed. However, rather than adding other loaded labels to describe the tradition we belong to, we aim to centre ourselves around two theological foundations. We hope to learn and remain open to various traditions whilst remaining true to these two central foundations:

Kingdom theology

We believe that Jesus’ primary message was the announcement of the arrival of the kingdom of God. His teaching was about the kingdom, his parables revealed the ways of the kingdom and his miracles were a demonstration of the kingdom. In his ministry the kingdom was advanced as the sick were healed, the oppressed were set free and the good news was preached to the poor (all in fulfilment of the prophecy of Isaiah 61).

He then trained his disciples to participate in the work of extending his kingdom in the world, and through the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost the church at large was commissioned and empowered for the same purpose. We therefore believe that the primary ministry of the church is to usher in God’s kingdom in the world by preaching good news to the poor, praying for the sick, binding up the broken hearted, setting the captives free (those held captive by addictions and poverty) and bringing justice to the world. In doing so, we bring the rule of heaven to earth and experience a foretaste of the future that is to come.

Narrative theology

We believe that we belong to the story of God’s engagement with the world as revealed in the bible. We therefore aim to immerse ourselves in that narrative, finding our ultimate belonging, purpose and hope there and nowhere else. The below video unpacks this a bit more and articulates what being part of this unfolding story looks like for us as a church as we journey with God on his mission to make all things new:


The story starts in Genesis 1 with the CREATION of the world, and in particular, the creation of humanity as God’s image bearers in the world, made to live in relationship with God and with the purpose of representing God to the world and extending his blessing to creation. However, in Genesis 3 we read that creation CRACKS. The failure of humanity to live in the light of their identity and calling results in sin and brokeness entering the story. Creation order begins to unravel, and rather than God’s blessing filling the earth, Genesis 6:11 states that violence began to fill the earth.

The narrative therefore swiftly moves from creation (Genesis 1-2) to decreation (Genesis 3-11). From Genesis 12 onwards, the biblical narrative addresses God’s vision for recreation: putting right what went wrong in Genesis 3. Starting with Abraham, God chooses a people (the nation of Israel), and in entering into a COVENANT relationship with them, invites them not only to be recipients of his healing, love and redemption, but also to become agents of it. In other words, Israel is blessed in order to be a blessing and to fulfil the call placed upon humanity at the very beginning to extend God’s blessing to the nations. However, Israel (like Adam and Eve) turn their back on God, and rather than becoming agents of God’s recreation purposes, become once more agents of decreation. Like Adam and Eve, they need rescuing, which God does by taking on human flesh in the person of Jesus CHRIST. His life, death, resurrection and the outpouring of his Spirit are the vehicles through which healing, redemption and restoration begin to flow. He is the one true image-bearer that shows us what it really means to be human, and he is the means by which we rediscover that true identity for ourselves.

He is the one that gives us new life, drafts us into a new family, the CHURCH, and recommissions us to take his message of redemption and blessing to the corners of the globe so that creation can once more be filled with his presence and blessing rather than violence. Jesus is the source of hope as we live for him and await his return, and with it the CONSUMMATION of all God’s purposes for the world he so loves. This is the story that defines life at KXC. We seek to tell it, celebrate it, live in it, and cherish it.

(These 6 headings that summarise the biblical metanarrative have been borrowed from Scot McKnight’s book ‘The King Jesus Gospel’).


KXC is an Anglican Network Church in King’s Cross. Therefore, we belong to the Church of England in the Diocese of London.

In addition to belonging to the Anglican family, there are other networks we also consider ourselves a part of. These networks provide opportunities to learn from one another, to share experiences and provide ongoing support and encouragement. These networks include:

Friends of St Mary’s
As a church plant from St Mary’s Bryanston Square London, we are one of a number of churches that have been planted out that share three core commitments:
• A desire to communicate the gospel in a culturally relevant way
• To experience and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit
• To plant new churches

New Wine
New Wine is a movement of churches across the UK working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, summer conferences, training events and resources.

The HTB Family of Churches
HTB, home of the Alpha Course, is an Anglican church in the heart of London, and together with the numerous church plants that have been sent out from HTB, and other connected churches, carry a vision to play their part in the re-evangelisation of the nations and the transformation of society.



KXC-13 2
Pete and Bee Hughes
Leaders of KXC
KXC-3 2
Andy and Rachel Kitchen
Assistant Leaders of KXC (with oversight over Community Engagement)
Grey Box
Tom Eccleshall
Head of Worship
KXC-34 2
Emma Heddle
Grey Box
Rich Spens
Head of Operations
Grey Box
Susie Yeates
Childrens Worker

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Pete James

Core Team
KXC has a ‘Core Team’ that provides spiritual leadership for the Church. The team is made up of representatives of the congregation: Iain Alexander, Esther Alexander, Dele Ayodele, Jenny Cosgrave, Gavin Turnbull, Neil Gillespie, Karen Gillespie, Darren Guthrie, Sophie Guthrie, Iona Ledwidge, Michael Kent, Patricia Kent, Anna Shakalla and Lois Tackie-Oblie.

In addition to the Core Team, we also have a board of Trustees that provides legal and financial oversight of the church. Our Trustees are Pete Hughes, Iain Alexander, Michael Mitton, Frank Harper, Michael Kent, Sophie Guthrie, and John Parmiter.

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